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Located next to Wilderness Unlimited
Wilderness Unlimited was founded in 1987 by a group of ardent individuals with over 100 years combined experience in managing outdoor recreational properties. Wilderness Unlimited is committed to preserving quality sporting opportunities on America's shrinking private lands. As Americans have more available leisure time, families are flocking to the outdoors in ever increasing numbers. This wave of activity is invading the countryside at the very time when developers and corporations are buying up ranch and farmland at an equally accelerating rate. The results are that streams and fields that previously held the promise of quality family outings with a rod, gun or quiet relaxation now offer only frustration.

Dedicated sportsmen concerned about their family's ability to enjoy quality outdoor recreation in the foreseeable future have turned to private landowners for refuge. Controlled management of private property is not a new idea. Both individuals and organized clubs have succeeded to some degree in maintaining limited access to private lands. Wilderness Unlimited's motto is: "Conservation through proper ulitization". It is through sound management techniques and, continuing educational programs that diminishing wildlife will benefit, as will the landowners and members alike, and this will help insure the future of our American tradition.

In summary, Wilderness Unlimited has become the leader in accessing the West's "PRIVATE WILDERNESS" area, dedicating itself to maintaining a haven for responsible outdoorsmen. The aim is to provide safe, quality experiences and create unforgettable memories for all concerned.

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